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Sneddons Wholesale Online [O9237]

Your Eligibility

It's easy to apply online and takes only a few minutes.
If you do not meet the following criteria, please quit the application and discuss alternative payment methods with the merchant.

Eligibility Criteria
18 years of age or more
Apply in your own name
Earn $25,000 or more per year
$20,000 or more Net Profit per year before tax (if self-employed)
Not an undischarged bankrupt
Current driver licence, Australian passport or Medicare card
Clear credit file
Permanent Australian resident
Have a valid email address and mobile phone number and agree to be contacted electronically by us regarding this application
Finance Details
Order Number (Optional)
Estimated Financed Amount $ *
Number of Applicants


Please note that both applicants must

  • Meet the eligibility criteria above
  • Live at the same address
  • Each have their own mobile phone number

You should not proceed with a joint application if you do not wish the other Applicant to have access to your personal information.